Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GratiTuesday : Memories and Life

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Today, as some may know, would have been my oldest son's 20th birthday. Yesterday was the anniversary of his death here on earth. Today I'm grateful for many things..
  I am grateful for the time that I had with Chris. I cherish the moments.  He was my first child, and i was very happy to have him. I remember his first birthday, and the grandparents came to our house after church for cake and ice cream. I had made him a cake in the shape of a bear and he got chocolate everywhere.  I remember his laughter when he thought something was funny. I remember the sight of him sitting in my lap or on my brother's bed watching a video: always clutching a blanket or shirt and his thumb in his mouth. My little Linus. I remember when we were watching Prancer on video. He pointed to the reindeer and said "dog." I corrected him and said no, that's a reindeer. I could not have been more wrong in his eyes. He rolled those sweet eyes of his and said more forcefully, DOG! I stood corrected. Prancer was a big dog.
  I am thankful for the time I was given with this little man. In my mind, it was not enough. Would never have been enough, no matter how many years I'd been given with him. But I learned so much with him. And he blessed others who knew him as well. 
  I'm also thankful for those friends who were there for my family and me during the time we lost Chris, and those who showed love yesterday. Some, barely knowing me, offered their time to talk with me. I may not have acknowledged it yesterday, but I am indeed grateful for their friendship and kindness.
  Last but not least, I'm grateful that life goes on. I have one son as a treasure in my heart, and one who is still with me, who still needs me. He's been fed this morning  once already so I could get out my Morning Cup of Tea but he's (not so) patiently in the background letting me know he needs attention and possibly more to eat. This eighteen year old young man who is my baby is a challenge, a source of strength and love, and a blessing. 

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