Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Follies: Or, Why Dottie Wore Flip Flops to Church

I admire women who seem to have it all together. The kids are neat and sweet, the house is immaculate, she has nary a hair out of place. And the kicker? She makes it all seem so effortless!
  Me?  Yeah... not so much. Somehow in my family I missed the organizing gene so I'm struggling constantly with  how to keep the place neat and orderly.  Phylis Diller once said "Trying to clean house while the kids are still young is like trying to shovel snow during a snow storm." My son may be eighteen years old chronologically but in many aspects its like having a two year old forever. Love him dearly, but he seems to like making more work for me.  And over sleeping, especially on a Sunday morning, increases the chaos.
   Today was no exception to the chaos rule. We woke late and were scrambling for clothes, trying to make it on time for worship service (We were late. But we were there, so for us that's a good day). I keep promising myself that I'm going to start preparing the day before, but so far it hasn't happened.
   As far as dress shoes go, right now I have two pair, exactly alike. It wasn't planned that way, it just happened that I replaced a pair I thought were goners. Today I asked my husband to grab my shoes so we could get on our way. I went barefoot to the car. He brought my shoes and I dropped them in the floor board, never giving them a single thought till we saw the church building. After all, we were running late! As soon as we get there, I pick up the shoes--and they are both for the right foot.  Doncha just love those days? Good thing the flip flops were in the car! Hope your day was a great one. :)

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  1. This post made me grin. Luckily for this laid-back girl, we live in a state where flip flops are the norm and we attend a church where 90% of us are likely to be wearing them. Of course, we're also wearing shorts most of the year as well. :)