Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Want a Cure

Almost every day something new comes out.Vaccines are linked to autism. No they aren't. Yes they are. Older fathers are linked to autism. Now, they are saying use of antidepressants during pregnancy can up the risk of autism. Quite honestly, I'm not impressed.

The question of what causes autism is so touchy that even my husband and I can't totally agree on what caused our son's autism. He agrees with me to a degree, but isn't convinced. My son was born 18 years ago. Seven pounds, 15 oz of pure boy. Pregnancy was normal, delivery went off with only one hitch--forceps were used because mama wore herself out.  Other than a preoccupation with ceiling fans at a very young age, he progressed quite normally. The only problem was the vaccines. During one of his first well baby check ups he was given, on time, a shot. He held his breath and let out this ear piercing, gut wrenching shriek. My heart stopped. I felt immediately that something was wrong. I was patted on the head and told it was a normal reaction. My son no longer shrieked when getting his shots. Something I felt in my heart were wrong but went along with anyway.  He just held his breath.
  If you were to see his pictures from birth to age two, you will see a progression of autism changing him. My sweet smiling boy changed into a toe walking, shrieking for no reason, unsmiling child who seemed oblivious to the rest of the world. He was late in speech, having only a handful of words by 15 months, which he lost totally by the time he was 18 months to 2 years. He slept maybe an hour or two a night if that and would continue the insomnia for days at a time, until his body was so worn out. Only then would he sleep for a decent amount of time.
   He is now 18 and a joy in my life. He is. NOT THE AUTISM. I've seen mothers who say, I love my son and would not change him! Good for you! I want my child back. I love my son. I don't love the rages, the sudden tears from him, the anxiety he feels in public places, and not knowing what exactly feels bad when he is sick. I have to play detective and hope I'm right. He never did regain his speech.
  Let the "experts" come up with links to autism from various sources. That's great. What would be better is if they focused on finding a cure for autism. What, because my son will not directly die from autism it doesn't deserve a cure? My child was taken from me. I want a cure.

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