Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: Unprofitable Servants

Good morning and happy Lord's day to you! I'm still working on getting organized enough so that my Sunday mornings run a little more smoothly. Last minute preparations are underway  so that we will make it to worship on time. My goal is to make it to morning bible class as well. It will happen if my family and I continue working at it. Today, however, I'm happy we are able to attend both worship services.
  Today's verses are few: Luke 17:7-10. Jesus asked his listeners, (paraphrasing here, please read the scripture yourself. No matter who quotes or rephrases scripture, always read it for yourself) if you have a servant, do you tell him to forget his work and go to dinner? No, first he takes care of you and his other duties, then he goes to eat. And do you thank the servant for doing his job? Most likely not. Although it is nice to be thanked for doing our duties --caring for others, teaching, etc, we shouldn't expect it. If we are doing things for show or for recognition, we are doing these things for the wrong reasons. Jesus was using the Pharisees once again as an example, as almost everything they did was for show. They wanted the glory and attention. 
  I hope you have a wonderful Lord's day.


  1. I always like what you say, Dottie. I like that you said, "always read it for yourself" - good advice.

    I need to have more of a servant attitude rather than an attitude of "I need to be thanked". That part is up to the one being served.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sharon. I have to work on my own servant heart as well. It's so easy sometimes to want someone else to do the job or to pout because no one seems to notice or appreciate what I do. With God we can overcome. : )