Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Kingdom of God.

 Good morning! I've been awake since about 4:30, 5:00. I just could not get back to sleep and then J woke up, so I'm thinking (hoping, really) a nap will be in my future. We will have to play this one by ear. 
  I've read Luke 17:20-37 yesterday and again this morning. I'm still not sure I understand it fully, but I think I understand the basic points of this one. During the time of John the baptizer's preaching, and Jesus' own ministry, the message was the same: Repent; the kingdom of God is at hand.The Pharisees in this chapter are demanding to know, when is the kingdom arriving?  Jesus told them you're not going to see it coming from any direction. The kingdom is among you. The believers are the kingdom.
  He then explained a little about the second coming. It will happen quickly, and without warning when it does happen. We've already been told to prepare.


  1. I guess for one thing, the kingdom would not be something seen on this earth. Like He said, it is the people - we are in His kingdom now. I imagine they were looking for a kindgom with a king much like David. They were wrong, and people are wrong now who expect an earthly kingdom. Thanks for this lesson.

    Nice to be up early, eh?

  2. You're right, I think they were looking for a king like David. A lot of them were confused, I think, or just could not see what was right in front of them. Jesus was offering something so much greater.