Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: Jesus arrives in Jerusalem

Good morning! I'm sorry I'm a little later this morning getting the posts out. I slept long and hard last night, for which I am thankful. But because I woke late, everyone is awake, demanding attention. My sweet husband is making breakfast so I can begin writing. He enjoys cooking, sometimes more than I do.
 Today we are beginning in verse 28 and finishing up Luke 19. Jesus and his disciples are closing in on Jerusalem. They come near to Bethphage and Bethany, and Jesus sends two of the disciples ahead to find a colt that was tied. No man had ever ridden this colt. They were to bring the colt to Jesus, and if anyone asks why they are taking the animal, they are to reply that the Lord has need of it. Of course, the owner did ask why they were taking his colt. They answered and the man let them take it. The disciples, once the colt was brought to Jesus, placed their clothes on the back of the colt and Jesus sat on it, and they led him into town. People were cheering and praising him all the way through. The Pharisees told him he should rebuke them for what they were saying. Jesus told the Pharisees that if the people should stop,  "the stones would immediately cry out." (v 40). Can you imagine? What a wondrous thing that would have been to witness. 
  But Jesus looked around at the city of Jerusalem and wept. He told them that the city would be destroyed, and it could not be helped. They had not listened to the prophets of old who had told them this. They wouldn't listen now. Some probably had the idea that although they knew they sinned, they were God's chosen ones, so surely God would not allow Jerusalem to fall.
  It was during this time in Jerusalem that Jesus drove out the people selling and profiting from a holy place from the temple.  Luke tells us that Jesus taught daily in the temple at this time, and scribes and chief priests sought to destroy him. They just didn't know what to do yet, because the people were very attentive to Jesus' teachings.
 Have a wonderful day.

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