Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gratituesday: Thankful for Storms

 If my husband were to read the title of this post, he'd give me a strange look. He knows I can handle storms, I just don't like them very well.  Especially if I am alone and the power goes out. Yes folks, I am a huge chicken who is afraid of the dark. Never quite got over that fear.
   Last night was indeed a "rainy night in Georgia." My husband was at work an hour away, and I had seen online that there were tornado warnings in a few places. On facebook were messages of batten down the hatches. My niece was online  via her cell phone, asking if there were any confirmed sightings of tornadoes in her area (there weren't).  When the storm moved into my area, the wind picked up and the thunder was quite loud at times (though still not as loud as J, who apparently enjoyed it all). The lights flickered a few times, but we never lost power in my area.
  During all this time, I was keeping up with family. The brothers and sisters in Christ that can be found in various places all over the world. I kept up with my niece until I knew for sure that she and her family were safe. I continued talking with my husband, who is fortunate enough to have a messenger on his computer at work as long as he is able to continue his job. I traded messages with others who saw that I was afraid. And the storm blew over. 
  We got some high wind, thunder and lightning, hard rain, and some hail. But it did not last all night. It stopped, to me anyway, fairly quickly after it all started. I didn't pay attention to the clock, just kept praying for those around me that I knew were in the storm's path, as well as for my son and me. I continued talking on facebook. Peace took the place of fear.
    In my personal life I'm going through a different storm. There are aspects of my health that my doctor is showing concern for, and I'll be seeing a few specialists soon. At the same time, I'm dealing with behavior issues with my son. But the storm of last night taught me that I'm not alone in all this. God is here, holding me through the storm as he does every step of the way. I have support here on earth. No matter the outcome of the storms in my life I know that I'm not alone in this. Peace has taken the place of fear.
  What about you? What are you thankful for today? Join Heavenly HOmemakers   for more Gratituesday posts. Feel free to add your own. 

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