Monday, March 25, 2013

Life with Autism

Good morning y'all!  It is a chilly, windy day here in my little section of Georgia! And this is my second time waking up. Actually, it was a little earlier, but my brain is working now, I think. The first time we woke up this morning was about five-ish.  J was wide awake causing much mayhem at that time, which means he had been awake for a little while. This is never a good thing.
   Damage report was minimal, although my dish soap is MIA. Yes folks, when J is left to his own devices he turns into a cross between Christopher Lowell, Martha Stewart, and a Zen minimalist and decides what stays, what goes where, and what gets hidden. Because I sometimes forget to put the dish soap out of sight, I've learned to have a few more in reserve (hidden from him). I end up with a few half used bottles floating around once we locate the ones he's banished from his sight, but that's okay. I can deal with that for now.
   Soap (or lack thereof) wasn't the only thing I noticed when I stumbled into the kitchen at O dark thirty. Nope, my two darling felines decided to have an Ozzy Osbourne party sometime in the night. Yes folks, the mighty huntress, who has access to the outside world just as her brother does, decided she needed more protein in her diet and my kitchen just needed more feathers on the floor. Her brother lets her go get her prey then he fights her for it eventually. With the amount of feathers on my floor, more than one bird may have been sacrificed. Ugh. When the sun isn't up yet, it's not time to deal with such matters. My job was to fix a cheddar and mozzarella quesadilla for J Man and convince him to get some sleep. Yeah, apparently his sleep was interrupted shortly after I fell asleep last night. He's currently still slumbering as I write this. He will likely be up a little later tonight but that's okay. This is The Hubs' "Friday" so once he gets home tonight, if J is still awake, I'm not worried about it. They can have father-son bonding time.
   For now, it's time to get back into the kitchen to get some cooking going, prepare tonight's dinner (Ham and Potato soup!), clean up the stray feathers and get the final chapter of the study of Ruth typed up. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)   

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  1. As you have said before, "never a dull moment"! Sounds like you know how to go with the flow. Whata mom and wife.