Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Morning Cup of Tea: A Study of Ruth part 2

Good morning! We are looking at chapter 2 of Ruth today. If you missed yesterday's post you can find it here.   

Ruth is now in Bethlehem with her mother in law, Naomi. Because they are both widows and have no male children to provide for them, it's up to Ruth to go out to the fields to glean from the harvest so they would be able to eat. God had commanded his people to leave the corners of the fields when harvesting so that poorer families could come in and take  what they needed. 
   It turned out that the field Ruth ended up at belonged to Boaz, who was related to Elimelech, Ruth's deceased Father in law. Once he found out who Ruth was, he instructed his workers to let her alone, and even told them to 'drop' some of the barley so she could get to it. He wanted her to have plenty to take home with her. And at dinner time she was given food so that she would not go home hungry.
   Ruth asked Boaz why he was so kind to her. His reply was that because she trusted God enough to come to a land that was unfamiliar to her so that she could continue to care for her mother in law, she was being rewarded. 
  In our own lives, we may not know what is in store for ourselves, whether we go to a foreign land or step out in faith to do something that is pressed upon our hearts. If we trust God, he will take care of us.    

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