Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Morning Cup of Tea: A Study of Esther Part 5

Good afternoon! While we were late getting to worship, we were there this morning. I don't know about you, but my day, my week even, goes so much better when I'm able to connect face to face with my sisters and brothers in Christ. 
            Because Sundays are filled with family and worship, this one really will be tried and true. Today we are focusing on chapter 7 of Esther. Ahasuerus and Haman are attending the second feast that Esther has prepared for them. The king once again asks Esther what is it her heart desires, and he is prepared to give her anything, up to half his kingdom. She asks for her life, and those of her people, to be spared. She told the king that someone had decided to kill them. When Ahasuerus asks who would do this, Esther points to Haman.
  The king, understandably, is furious. The whole story probably came out during this. The king leaves the feast and goes out into the garden, I'm assuming to calm down so he doesn't take Haman's life right then and there.  Haman realizes the situation he's in so he takes after Esther to plead for his life. But the king sees Haman on the Queen's bed and assumes Haman is trying to force himself on her. It is revealed that Haman had built a gallows in which to hang Mordecai. In a case of letting the punishment fit the crime, Haman is hanged on his own gallows.
    We will finish up the book of Esther in the next day or so, but I love Esther's story so much. God is able to use each of us, whether we are a young orphan girl turned queen or a mother of a young adult with autism, or the bride of a preacher, or any other role you find yourself in. Esther was timid at first, but she had much faith.  


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