Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Widow's Mite

 Good morning! If you are a mom you know how full days can be, especially once the kids are up. J is wide awake and happily chattering away in his own way, assuring me that breakfast was just simply not enough for a growing boy, and I have a feline son begging for attention.  It's my crazy life and I enjoy it. Yes, I grumble and fuss sometimes, but really I don't think I'd want life any other way. 
  While my plan was to write about the whole of chapter 21, the first 4 verses just seemed to need attention today. When you read them, you will see that Jesus was observing in the temple, and saw others giving their offering. Most were giving large amounts, but this widow gave two mites --all she had. Jesus said that she had given more than all the others. She freely gave all that she had.
  To me, that speaks greatly of her faith. She knew God would take care of her. I can't say that I've had that great amount of faith in the past, though I wish I could. I'm still learning --more each day--that God provides for us. I am thankful for what he has done and still does. 
  I wonder about the widow. Nothing else is mentioned about her other than she gave financially all that she had. It would seem to me, though, that someone with faith enough to give would also give freely of her time and help as well. Was she the type to sit and listen when a friend needed to talk? Did she take the time to enjoy her children and grandchildren, teaching them perhaps a skill or playing a game? These are things that I want to do, try to do. What are your thoughts on this woman of long ago? I would love to hear them. 
 In the meantime, have a great day!

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