Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Capture

 Good morning! How wonderful to have a chance to go and worship with other Christians today!
  This morning we are reading Luke 22, verses 35 to the end of the chapter.  After they had eaten the Passover dinner, Jesus and his disciples went out to the Mount of Olives. Jesus left his disciples at one spot and went a stones throw away from them to pray. Luke tells us that an angel appeared to minister to him and strengthen him. He also tells us that Jesus sweat great drops as blood. Could Jesus have sweat blood? Yes! It is rare, but it is called hematohidrosis. If you would like more information on it, this is where I learned about it.
  Jesus finished his praying and went back to his disciples, finding them asleep. He woke them up, admonishing them to pray in order to stay out of temptation. It was then that Judas appeared, along with the chief priests and others who would take him for his trial. Jesus did not fight back. He even healed the ear of a chief priest's servant after Peter drew a sword and sliced it off. He did, however, tell the chief priests, all this time I was in the temple you did not touch me, but you come for me under the cover of darkness.
  Peter followed the crowd that took Jesus away, and sat near a fire, close to where the questioning was taking place. One by one, a maid and two men pointed to Peter and said that he was one who had been with Jesus. Peter denied him each time. The third time he denied knowing Jesus, the rooster crowed, and Jesus turned and looked at him. Peter realized what he had done, and went out and wept bitterly.
  Already the torture had begun for Jesus. They mocked him, and struck him in the face. They blindfolded him and struck him, asking him "Prophesy -who hit you?"
  When the day began the elders and the chief priests gathered together and questioned him. They asked him if he was the Christ, and he answered they would not believe if he told them. When they asked if he was the Son of God, he answered simply Ye say that I am.   They were ready to convict him right there. 
  Already Jesus has been up all night, no sleep. It is now the morning of the next day. He has been hit and mocked and questioned. Tomorrow, when we read chapter 23 together, Lord willing, we will see what happens when Jesus is brought to Pilate for judgement.
 In the meantime, have a great day.

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