Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Morning Cup of Tea: Baptism, John the Baptizer

Good morning! This is the week that J and I stay home while hubby works the day shift. Not my favorite way to spend the Lord's day, but I can honor him by supporting him and taking care of my family. 
   J was up long before I was today so breakfast had to come first. I made a Dutch Baby Pancake that I will tell you more about later this week if you're interested. J has eaten, had his bath, and is in his room relaxing so now I can settle down and get my writing done.
  Yesterday we read John 3, and in it, we learned a little about baptism. As we discussed yesterday, and will read again tomorrow, Jesus himself didn't baptize anyone. His disciples did the immersing.
  When John's disciples asked him about Jesus and why people were going to him (I'm guessing they were wondering if John was okay with this), John told them that Jesus was the Christ, not he (John). He had only been sent to tell others about Jesus and prepare the way. 
 The whole chapter  brings up the subject of believing. Believe on Jesus and you will have everlasting life.Don't believe and you will be condemned. But what does it mean to believe? Simply saying "I believe" ? James 2:19 tells us that the demons believe, and tremble. We know they wont go to heaven because they do Satan's will, and not God's.
  A preacher once explained belief this way: There is a chair in the corner. You know it's a chair and you believe that if you sit it will give you comfort and rest. But if you don't sit on the chair, what good is it doing you? Many people believe there is a God, and even understand that Jesus is the Christ, but choose to continue a life of sin. At least sometimes I believe that it is because no one taught them there is a better way to live. We have to try and teach; through example in our own daily living as well as studying together. Invite them to worship. 
 Have a great day.

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