Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Business Venture for Me

   This blog tells about many aspects of my life --being a mom, dealing with the joys as well as the frustration and heartache of raising a child with moderate autism, being a wife, and my growing relationship with the Lord. What I am about to mention here will only be brought up once on this blog. At least that is my intent. I may share one particular part, but that's it.
  You see, after much discussion, my sweet husband agreed to my becoming a Stampin Up! demonstrator. I'm very excited about this because for one, I love creating cards and other forms of art, and I really would like to delve into the world of scrapbooking -both traditional and digital. The other reason is I feel the need to contribute financially to this family. With J needing constant attention and hubby's schedule changing weekly, it's very hard to work at a conventional job. This way I can do something fun, visit with others, and be able to mesh with hubby's work time.  
  For those who may be interested, my Stampin Up! website is  I will not use Life at Home to promote my business on a regular basis because this is my personal space. I will, however, eventually begin adding a project to show, maybe once a month, or possibly more often, say once a week or every two or three weeks. Adding crafts has been something I've wanted to do here for awhile. It's still on the to do list as I learn a bit more about blogging and uploading and such.  Have a great day!

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