Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm back! Again.

It's been too long since I last wrote anything on this blog. I've been having some health issues, and honestly, I just couldn't think of anything to write. I had lost my passion for it for a little while. 
  I wish i could say that my house is spotless at this point since I wasn't writing. Nope, not even close. I still have a ways to go on that front as well. But I'm starting to feel better, starting to get life back in order.
   Some people start over in January, others do spring cleaning. While I give it a shot both times, I think one of the best times to make changes is in the fall. The kids have gone back or are starting back to school, the weather is starting to cool down in most places, and some of us are starting to think ahead to holidays. It's time to head back into a routine again, and one of my routines is writing.
  I didn't completely abandon writing during my blog hiatus. My focus has lately been on my fiction. For years now, my goal has been to finish at least one of the novels in my head and try to get it published. These days, with everyone being a writer it seems, and ebooks becoming more the norm, I began to be afraid of the next step and let it stall the creative process. But recently, my husband  decided to do more in encouraging me to follow my dream. He challenged me to write ten pages a day. It could be the main story I'm working on, poetry, the blog, writing prompts, whatever. But I need to have written ten pages each day.
  So how am I doing on that? Well, since he issued the challenge, the first day I had my ten pages before he came home from work. The second day, I had eight. Granted, I had a few more distractions that day. The day after that I had nine pages. Last night I was back to ten pages, close to eleven.  As of this morning I'm about 3 pages in so far.
  I am not ready to share my fiction here on my blog just yet. Maybe soon, who knows. 
  I know I keep popping up in the blogging world every now and then, all excited and promising to continue, then fading back to nothing. Forgive me for that. I'm beginning to make this a commitment again, something I take seriously. I've got a lot to say about several different subjects. I'm not ready to completely let this one go, even if I'm just writing for myself. But I hope someone is out there, reading and continuing the journey with me. If you are, thank you.I will talk again very soon.

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