Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thankful for Good News

I missed Gratituesday yesterday, and hopefully I'll be back on that route next week. I enjoy reading what others are thankful for and I like taking the time to reflect on someone or something I'm thankful for in my life. But this news is just too good not to share right now.
   My sister works at my doctor's office. I have a cell phone that is like us humans sometimes -- stubborn, obstinate, and cooperates with me only when it feels like it. Because of that, I had been spending the last few weeks playing phone tag with my doctor. So my sister finally stopped by my house this afternoon after work. My echo cardiogram test results came out fine! Praise God! Oh, I'm so happy about that.  
  We do know I still have to see the OB/GYN concerning a problem that showed up on some other tests, but I know that can be dealt with. Thank you to all who have kept me in prayer over the test results.

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  1. I'm happy the heart test came out good. Praise God indeed! I'll be praying for the other thing that showed up. Take care!

    For the gratitude part, I'm thankful for bloggers like you!