Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hopping Back on the Horse, and Other News from Home

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny January day here at home, and I'm slowly emerging from lethargy and nasty sinus pain. FYI, if you have issues with sinusitis a lot, do remember to drink plenty of water. That, and hot steamy baths or showers help a lot.
  Do you make resolutions or goals for the year? I do, and as I've said before, they tend to be the same basic ones that I need to work on. How am I doing so far on this ninth day of the new year? On a few I have fallen off the proverbial horse. In a few, such as working on my writing and walking every day, the horse is still in the barn, unsaddled. You know what, though? Each day begins a new chance to work on our goals, to better ourselves. 
  You know, God has his own set of goals for us. He gives us the choice to achieve them (or at least attempt them) or not, and he has a reward for those who follow Him. Each day we are alive we get the chance to try again, because just in our own goals, we will stumble and fall now and again. We can rejoice in the fact that it's not "game over" when we sin. As long as we have breath in our bodies we can begin again. The Lord knows our hearts, and listens to us when we pray. 
One of my goals this year is to lose weight, and one of the ways I'd planned to do that was to get back to my walking routine each morning. One excuse after another I came up with not to walk (too cold, to rainy, too sick) but this morning after I fed the cats I decided, time to take my walk. I got maybe halfway up the block before I heard "meow! meow! meow!" I turned around to see Miss Lucy running after me as hard as she could. Lucy is my darling prodigal kitty. She disappeared without a trace several months ago and suddenly showed up last night, meowing her head off and starving for attention as much as food. Jr, our faithful male kitty who has never left home, isn't too happy at the moment that his former playmate is back. He's booing and hissing every chance he gets. So for now my walk will wait until The Husband can keep Lucy occupied
  In other news, it's time to redouble my efforts to get this place organized and start looking for a new home. I have plans in place, just need to put them into action. Now how about you? How are you doing this week?  

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