Monday, April 30, 2012

Money Saving Tip: Do a Spending Fast

Who doesn't need to save money these days? The economy is such that we need to watch our pennies, as my mother says. Beth, over at My Simpler Life  is starting a spending fast tomorrow. That means eating from your pantry, staying out of stores, doing things that will help you save some money. Click on the purple link to her page to learn more about her spending fast. 
  Will I be doing it? Well... to be honest, I'm going to start mine on Saturday. And it will be modified just a hair or two. My pantry is pretty bare at the moment so I need to do some shopping to get my staples, come up with a game plan as far as menus, that sort of thing. Also I have an anniversary coming up on Friday and my family has three birthdays coming up this month. I'm going to get a little creative on those, and see what happens. One more thing: I have my business to run so I have to place an order for supplies this month so I need to figure that in.  Hmmm... am I talking myself out of this? I hope not! This is a really good idea. What about you?  Will you be trying it? Let me know the results! As for me, I will post again about this on Saturday.

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