Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peace and Quiet

 Even though I have one child (yes, my brain still calls him a child even though he's 19), he has autism, and with that comes ADHD  symptoms. He shrieks when he's happy, he has outbursts when he's hungry, the list could go on and on. There are days when he has two modes: Loud and Asleep. A lot of it is just to say, Hey, I'm here. Pay attention to me! and I get that. These days I smile when we go to the grocery store and he's quiet until he's somewhere in the middle of the store, then suddenly "WHOO!" Invariably someone turns around and frowns. I simply smile and say okay, everyone knows you're here. Indoor voice, please. It does no good to get angry or even embarrassed that he does it.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, I love hearing J reach out and communicate. But...you know what? 
  I'm thankful for time alone. J is with me every day, by choice. I'm a stay at home mom and he's with me. I enjoy it, and I love the fact that I get to teach him what he needs to know, and guide him. But, as much as Jesus loved being around people, and teaching them, he knew that he needed time alone and in prayer. It helped recharge him so that he could continue his mission here on earth. While we moms tend to think we don't need quiet time and can give and give and give and give, if we don't recharge sometimes, eventually we come to a breaking point.
   This morning, after a late night  with J, I'm up and the only sounds I hear are the kittens playing, the occasional traffic  outside, and the ceiling fan. J is still sleeping. That's been rare these days. In a few hours, J and his dad will head out the door to go to a doctor appointment. It's a routine thing, and I have a few deliveries headed my way. So guess who's going to stay home and get some much needed housework done? It's gonna be so nice! It's been awhile since I've had a few hours to myself. I'm going to get some chores accomplished, relax a bit, and enjoy having the house to myself for a little while. What about you? What are you thankful for today?
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  1. Sometimes, no matter how much we love our kids, we just need quiet time to recharge! That's one of the things that helps boot me out of bed in the morning - I love that peaceful time.

  2. That's the only way I feel I can really get things done. When everyone is out of the house! I blast my music and clean to the beat. :)

  3. Oh how I love quiet time too! I love Jesus' example too how he would get away with His heavenly father. One reason I love getting up early in the morning before everyone else. ;). You post really touched me this morning Dottie! Keep up the great work you are doing with your son!