Thursday, May 10, 2012

Panic Attacks, Housework and Writer's Block. Such is Life

I've been feeling guilty lately because I haven't been doing much writing lately on this blog, and absolutely nothing on my SU blog. Honestly, I don't think I've had much to write about, just living life. Part of my life is getting this place back in order. As I've said before, this place is tiny. So in order to combat the "I don't know where to put it so pile it" routine , The Hubby and I have been rearranging some furniture and purging as we go. J now has a dresser in his room. It's my old girly one, but the one we bought for him is larger than the girly one. The Hubs and I share one so it just made sense to switch. Even though we have a bit more room for our clothes we are still weeding out stuff that does not fit or we simply haven't worn in awhile. I even decided to give up some of my stuffed animals in order to clear up some of the clutter in the bedroom. The ones being kept are two ducks and three bears. That's more than plenty, but I'm sentimental. 
   On the autism front, J seems to be doing well. His doc upped one of his meds a bit, and so far he's sleeping through the night while still napping a bit during the day. It seems to work for him, and I'm okay with the new routine. The only hitch in this ride is he's back to putting things where he thinks they belong. That usually means if there is a space, he will fill it. Since at the moment that and his problems with toilet training are the only things I can complain about, I won't complain. Much. I'm pretty happy with the status quo, actually.  
    Panic attacks have snuck back into my life these days. I'm not sure why, but I have two people hypothesizing about the cause. One says its because I haven't been taking my meds (iron and thyroid) regularly. The other thinks the problem is environmental. I have no idea, I just wish they would stop. Will be discussing the matter with my doc next week. So much fun there, right?  In the meantime, a friend loaned me a dvd and a cd to help me relax and taught me a breathing technique to try when the attacks come on. It's helped. 
 As far as the writer's block is concerned, as a writer I know the cure for writer's block is to write. However, self doubt appears and tells me no one wants to hear cute stories about the three kittens who have taken over my kitchen and are venturing into other rooms and outside now. And as stated above, I've been busy doing housework to sit and write until something interesting pops up. At least, that's my excuse. 
  So there you have it. That's what's been going on over here and why you haven't heard much from me lately. I still plan on continuing with housework, organizing, spirituality, and dealing with autism. I plan on blogging about it all. I just need to get moving with it all. 
  As a teaser though, I was given the chance to review a book, and within the next week or so I'll post the review here, along with a give away. Do you like Christian fiction? That's what I'll be reviewing and giving away. So stay tuned!

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