Friday, July 13, 2012

Blowing the Dust Off the Keys

WHOOSH! Cough! Cough! (Blowing some of the dust off the type writer here)
  Ugh. Excuse me. Pardon the dust and the cobwebs, please. It's been a little while since I made my way over her to my writing corner. Things are a little dusty around here, and my writing voice is a bit rusty, but we'll find our way again. 
  Life has been interesting the last several weeks. I've prayed and hoped and wished for The Hubby to have consistent work hours, and he now has that. I'm so thankful. His work week begins on Thursdays and ends on Monday when he returns home. Tuesday and Wednesday are now our weekends. Because his hours are 4pm to 12 am, we are free to attend worship each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. This also gives us plenty of family time together and when scheduling appointments the only thing I really need to remember is to schedule for mornings. 
  With friends on Facebook and on Pinterest buzzing about the coming school year, and with J showing interest in doing things, I've decided to work a little harder at home educating J again. I never really stopped with working with him on some self help skills, but I want to try again with some academics as well. I've been pinning new ideas left and right, and I've even looked into a home school curriculum to work with him. I don't know that we will be buying one just yet, but I like at least getting ideas for now and seeing what I do want for J. 
   I have some thinking to do for myself. I have a lot of irons in the fire, and interests that I want to pursue, and some things will inevitably have to go. This blog, whether anyone reads it or not, will stay. I will bring back bible study and write about it, because I've learned that I stick to it more easily if I write about what I learn. 
  One thing I started during my blogging hiatus, is an exercise and eating plan. I walk a mile and a half an average of five days a week, working my way to two miles each day. I haven't yet begun doing other exercises on a consistent basis but I plan to start next week. As for eating, I've been listening to my body more. I eat when I'm hungry, and I've been trying to train myself not to eat in front of the computer, the television, or while reading. That way I pay attention to what I'm eating and I end up eating less. I also have been drinking more water. I hate the taste of tap, don't like buying bottled water all the time, and i can never remember to buy filters for those special water pitchers so I usually add lemon juice or frozen fruit to my water. Makes it taste better and I find myself reaching for water more than my sweet tea these days.  I feel better and my depression has decreased tremendously since beginning this. I've been following the guidelines in the book Change One by Reader's Digest. However, I don't do diet sodas, sugar substitutes, or margarine. Sorry, I refuse. I know that makes it slightly harder for me to lose weight, but I can deal with that. 
  Well, I've talked enough for now. More tomorrow. Thanks for listening. Have a great day.

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