Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gratituesday: A New Schedule

 On Mondays these days I have a new thought in my head. I'm so glad today is Friday. Wait, what?? Did she just say she was thankful it was Friday?? Yes. Yes she did! 
  Yes, I understand that Monday and Friday are days (sometimes years, depending on the week)apart. No, I'm not "losing it" (at least I don't think so...but sometimes I wonder if I ever had "it" to begin with. Oh well, that's a blog post for another time). You see, these days, Monday is my family's Friday. 
   For years now I've been praying, wishing, hoping, that The Hubby would have a job with set hours instead of the rotating shifts we've dealt with. Now, same job with different company, he has exactly that. I don't have to switch my schedule each week or fret if I forgot my day planner when making appointments. I know that each week is the same: Work week starts on Thursday at 4 pm, work week ends at midnight Monday night Tuesday and Wednesday are the days off. With this schedule we are free to attend worship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. This makes me so happy!
  I will say there have been some adjustments to the new schedule, such as training ourselves not to be lazy during the mornings, and missing the long weekend that came around once a month, but it's been so worth it. With autism in the family, routine is especially important. J seems to be doing better knowing that Daddy is home each morning and knowing what time he leaves each afternoon. 
  What are you grateful for today?  Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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