Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Connection of Prayer

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life. Baby Bear had a grand mal seizure. His regular absence seizures are tough enough but to see your child's body flailing uncontrollably and his breathing sounding labored--unimaginable. The Hubs was home as it was just before his shift that it happened. He was closest to J and saw before I did. I just heard the thud when he fell. I had been on facebook at the time so I left a short message: Pray.

I rode along in the ambulance with J and the Hubs followed behind. He had already contacted his mother to alert her as to what was going on. She told him that many had already with assurances of prayers and positive thoughts were going up. She left a message on her own page giving the news about J's seizure. A former sister in law saw that one and called J's cousin, who in turn called Grandma to express his concern. 

We spent several hours at the emergency room, most of it just hanging out in the room. J was groggy but just about back to normal by the time we arrived.  He did fine with the staff coming in and out checking on him, but by 8pm he'd had enough and pulled out the IV starter (that contraption they insist on adding whether you need fluids or not, just in case. It can also be used for taking blood labs).  Never a dull moment with him.  The doctor decided that a few more labs were needed before releasing J to go home, along with a dose of medicine. J sat up and calmly watched the phlebotomist  prepare his arm for the butterfly needle. Then just as he was about to get the stick, J strong armed him and thwarted the attempt. Needless to say they gave up on the idea of more blood for the evening. It was late when we got home and J went on to bed. He slept till about 9 this morning.  I am very thankful. Words can't express how grateful I am that Baby Bear is back to his normal happy self and for so many who offered up prayers and good thoughts yesterday.

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  1. O, what a day you had! I'm so sorry I wasn't on facebook to help you in prayer. So much to be thankful for when it all comes to an end, isn't it? Even while it is going on. God is still there to bless you through it. I'm so happy you know that. Imagine what it would be like without God.