Monday, March 3, 2014

Gratituesday: So Thankful to be Home

I've been MIA entirely too long, and for that I apologize. If I have any faithful readers left, thank you for hanging in there and waiting for me to get back to writing again. I've missed this.

As of the publication of this post, The Hubs, Baby Bear and I have been in our new home for about three weeks now. I am so grateful for all the prayers, encouragement, and help in finding our Home Sweet House over the past several months. (There is a movie reference in that last sentence. Classic movie buffs may catch it. ) Indeed, we have been very blessed.  Our dear church family in our former hometown knew our situation and helped us find this sweet place. I am so grateful.

Slowly but surely we are settling into our new nest and making it ours. I have so many ideas for painting, decorating, and already a list of things that need to be updated. But you know what? As anxious as I am to get started on the myriad projects, I'm content to let things go at an easy pace. This home isn't going anywhere, and I'm not planning on moving anytime in the next five, ten years, or even longer. True, we never know what the future holds, but I'm happy right where I am.

I never really thought I would like living in a large town, especially after the sleepy little hamlet we just came from where I could pretty much walk all over town and not even have to worry much about traffic, but I feel at home here. The neighborhood is quite close to a main highway, but the neighbors are nice and friendly. The Hubs no longer has an hour long (one way) commute to work. In fact, it takes him less than five minutes to his office. And J seems much happier here as well. His vocalizations are more frequent, he spends more time in the living room now instead of being holed up in his bedroom all the time, and he is making better eye contact. Those are all huge pluses for this family.

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  1. That's just wonderful. Your strength is renewed. Are all the other promises coming true for you in that verse that begins: "Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..."? Isaiah 40:31 Are you about to fly like eagles? Are you walking and running without growing tired? Because you certainly have waited on the Lord, and He has blessed you, probably more than you had hoped.

    And, is the classic reference "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"? I'm a classic movie buff, but I'm stumped on this one.