Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching Up : Autism Update

J had a neurology appointment early this morning and he had a psychiatry appointment on Monday evening. While the main psych wanted J hospitalized to find out the cause of the rages and to even out his meds, neither doctor deemed it necessary at this time. At the moment, I agree with them. 
   The psychiatrist he saw on Monday asked a lot of questions and the end result was a trial of a new behavior med. Not too happy with another pill to add to the mix, but he has been calmer so far. We're reserving judgement at this point because the current trend tends to be that a medicine works great for a month or so then fizzles out and we're back to square one.
     The doctor we saw today fully impressed me. Instead of rushing us in and out of the office in five minutes like the previous neurologist, there were two doctors (the first most likely a resident, as it's a teaching hospital) and both asked lots of questions. J was observed for a few minutes. Then the main doctor, an older, caring gentleman, talked with us. 
   Turns out, one of the anti seizure meds he's taking could possibly be the culprit. And he also thinks that the other anti seizure med may not be the correct one for J's particular seizures. The plan? Step down the dosage of the possible offender, monitor at home to see what happens, and in a little over a month J will have an EEG and a visit with the neurologist. We will go from there depending on the results. 
  Both the Hubs and I, as well as J, were well pleased. We didn't feel rushed at all, J was welcomed in with no problems at all. I love doctors who actually want to do their job instead of listening with half an ear and going with the plan from a previous doctor. 
    As for the plan of action here at the house, we will be going by the doctor's recommendations and I plan on keeping track of J's moods and any seizure activity we see due to the changes. In the meantime, the Hubs and I *just might* get to have a few hours of alone time tomorrow evening after a home visit. It has been entirely too long since we've had time for just the two of us. If it all works out, J will get to spend the evening with his Granny and Uncle. I do hope it works out. J needs a few hours away from us I think.
  Well, the future is looking a little brighter. I'm hanging on to hope and the faith in our Lord that this will all work out.It's not always easy, but I still believe that faith and determination pay off.

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