Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is Sexism to you?

I had a heated debate conversation with a friend today. She and I are polar opposites in our political leanings. The things she had to say didn't surprise me, and most of (on both sides) was simply a rehash of what we both believe to be true. One thing in particular, however, really stuck in my craw. She accused conservatives in general, of being sexist. I asked her why and she replied, Because they would rather tell a raped woman she can't have an abortion.
  Okay, first of all, very few women get pregnant after a rape. If you read here  only 1 in 15 rapes end in pregnancy. And though this is controversial, at the hospital after you've reported the rape you can get the morning after pill, if you so desire. (For the record, I don't think I would.) In my mind, it should be a non issue. But if the pregnancy does occur, why would the baby be the one punished? He or she was only conceived. I can understand if a mother absolutely cannot face the thought of raising a child conceived in rape. I cannot understand destroying an innocent child's life because of it. Adoption is a far better answer.
   However, this post isn't necessarily about rape. Let's give another scenario. The Democratic campaign had commercials such as "lose your voting virginity". They worded arguments aimed at women to focus only on their "right" to abortions and free birth control. Do we only think with our uterus, ladies? Can we not handle the other issues that are important? What sounds more sexist to you?
  The election is over and what's done is done. I dont want to rehash any of it, what's done is done. I just wanted to speak my peace on this one matter. 


  1. Yes, the liberals are definitely MORE sexist than they accuse the conservatives of being. They aer more racist than they accuse the conservatives to be, AND they are more intolerant than they accuse the conservatives to be. What phonies they are.

    Sorry we even have to have these kind of conversations. It's amazing how many people have brains full of mush because they don't seem to think clearly on their own.

    But, God is more powerful than any force on earth. We'll get through these years. We will.

  2. They tell a lie loud enough long enough till the majority feels that its true, much like we are told we are free, but we are not truly free. The biggest sell though is the money, they say they give away more than the conservatives will. The people just do not understand yet that that money has been silently taken from them, to be flamboyantly presented to them later.