Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Autism Wednesday: Kyle's story.

 My Dear Readers, today is April 2, known as World Autism Awareness Day. This is something very important to me, as my son Jesse has autism and mental retardation due possibly to other factors as well as lead poisoning as a child.  Each Wednesday I will be bringing stories from parents, information about autism, and hope. 
   Today I bring to you the story of Kyle, as told by his mother, Janice.  

My Mr Man Kyle is 22 yes I call him my Mr Man he always says to me I am Kyle lol ..
When Kyle was 2 he was vaccine injured by the MMR vaccines .Prior to the vaccine
my Kyle was talking , walking , eating and sleeping . He was watching TV like any child that is 2 would do.
I remember it like it was yesterday him sitting in front of the TV eating cheetos' and watching Barney lol
During the nights I would wrap him into his crib and he would sleep through out the nights never any problems with him sleeping & his words were age appropriate , every milestone that a child that was 2 years
met in everyday ..
The day , yes we moms know and remember that day from Hell when we took our children into the Doctors to get
their Wellness vaccines thinking we were protecting them from the world , the many diseases that it was going to protect them from.So they said . that you will hear through out my story .
I brought him home as the sun was going down. I was standing in my kitchen when I heard my Kyle started to scream a high pitch scream. We as moms with vaccine injured Kido's know all too well about .
As I picked him  up to hold him in my arms while he was screaming and turned blue was bareley able to hold him due to his body stiffening up and his back was arched in full blown seizure mode.
The scream felt like it lasted for what felt like an eternity to me it ; little I know that his screams and his seizure was due to him being vaccine injured .. I do remember calling my Mom and telling her it was from the vaccines but at this time back in 1992 nobody had heard of autism or what a vaccine injury was about. 
The next morning I couldn't find my son. When I did he was hiding behind the couch . After that he stopped eating he stopped talking and he stopped sleeping .. I AM THE MOM WHO WAS TREATED AS WHAT THEY CALLED THE Refrigerator mom, blamed for not caring for my son by not 1 not 2 not even 3 but many so called Psychologists and psychiatrist who knew nothing about autism or vaccine injury .
This started my journey with my son in a whole new life of hell is what it felt like with the unknown
We finally took Kyle up to UC Davis Children hospital to get a final diagnosis for him
Brian Seigel, top psychiatrist who is and was the top Autism Specialist gave me the words of him being severely autistic & Mild Retardation
The story goes on from there ...........
Not too many people heard of autism and how to treat a child on the Autism Spectrum ,
I was very blessed to have found a School for Kyle, whose teacher not only knew [about autism] he helped Kyle in so many ways: to go to the doctors ,helped me to get him to the Dentist and other vital life skills he would be needing for the future and as part of society.
Kyle did wonderful, he even Graduated from his Severely Handicapped Class with Honor of being the most helpful to others.' Kyle is such a great helper to me and he  always loves to help others.He is a giver.It is a gift he has within him that the vaccine damages couldn't take away.